We provide RESTful API endpoints which return news data in for top stories, real time news feeds and historical news data. These can be used to gain access to news data for your own applications or projects.

We provide free access for you to use and test our API. Our API provides the easiest and most comprehensive access to any news data, while also being the most cost effective on the market.

Our service is 100% free to use on our free plan - no payment details are required.

Each time the API is used to access or search news data, 1 API request is added to your daily usage. The number of requests allowed for your account depends on which subscription plan you are on.

Yes, paying annually will provide you 2 months free per year (20% discount). To register for a yearly plan, simply go to our pricing page and select an annual plan.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time from your account dashboard, no questions asked.

Yes, you can change plans whenever you like, depending on your needs. You can also change from monthly to annual payments or vice versa.

We only provide a short snippet of articles along with their links.